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Simple, Actionable eCommerce Roadmaps

Flourish Commerce creates actionable eCommerce roadmaps based on thorough site audits, website analytics, and industry best practices. Each roadmap is organized by priority so you can focus on the highest-value optimizations with the greatest return on investment.

Companies like Made In Nature and Zeal Optics have utilized our roadmaps to maximize ROAS, boost conversion, improve user experience, and improve site performance.

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Our 3-Pronged Approach

  1. Site Audit
    We complete a thorough analysis of your website, evaluating things like content, navigation, accessibility, purchase experience, and post-purchase experience.
  2. Roadmap
    You receive a comprehensive roadmap with actionable insights about what is and isn’t working on your site, plus a list of recommendations that align with your goals. Every roadmap is organized by priority so you can focus on tasks that provide the quickest and most meaningful improvements to your bottom line.
  3. Analysis
    Once you complete implementation, we measure the impact of your changes during a post-implementation analysis. For ongoing analysis, you have the option to purchase one or more quarterly reviews.

Who We Are

Flourish Commerce is co-owned and operated by seasoned eCommerce veterans Graham Lipsman and Erin Gusty.

🦸🏻 Graham

Veteran agency owner and software engineer with 15+ years of experience in eCommerce consulting, consumer products, and SaaS. Founded BranchLabs eCommerce agency where he worked with top brands like Fjallraven, Newton Running, and Zeal Optics. Previously CTO at SalonInteractive (the “Shopify for stylists”) and enjoys building software in his spare time.

🧙🏻 Erin

Seasoned operator and leader with 12+ years of startup experience. T-shaped (depth in both strategy and execution) with generalist skills across marketing, product, eCommerce, and customer experience. Co-founder of Plot (venture-backed marketing SaaS), and previously led teams at Seed (CPG), Aaptiv (consumer fitness app), and Spring (mobile commerce).

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